OmyFeet Smart Knee Vibrating Massager Therapy –

OmyFeet Smart Knee Vibrating Massager Therapy

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The OmyFeet Smart Knee Vibrating Massager Therapy combined with fully wrapped airbag, that massage the acupuncture points, helps to soothe knee joint pain and relaxes tense sore muscles around the kneecap. 

Red light irradiation increases the cell viability at the knee joint. Built-in magnet, promotes micro circulation and also stimulates blood flow and improves circulation to reduce stiffness in painful joints. knee massager comes with a big display which shows the temperature levels, pressure levels and charging display, designed for knee and leg care pain relief and circulation specially for aged, through thermal, infrared heated therapy and vibration massage. 

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Application: Foot
Material: ABS
Model Number: R-234 ACT
Size: Multi Size SML
Knee Pads: Knee Infrared Instrument
Color: Black
Voltage: 110-240V
Working current: 2A
Charging Method: USB Charging Cable
Type: Electric kneepad
Package: With Retail Box/NO Retail Box
Vibration gear: 6 files (Adjustable)
timing setting: 10/20/30 minutes
Low frequency pulse: 26 gear (Adjustable)
Function 1: Improve the muscle pain on knees
Function 2: High-frequency vibration massage will release the fatigue
Function 3: Relieve arthritis pain and soreness in joints
Function 4: Reduce inflammation and swelling
NOTE: Quantity 1pcs