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Portable IPL Flash Laser Hair Removal Device

$49.99 $124.99 saving $75.00
Portable IPL Flash Laser Hair Removal Device

Portable IPL Flash Laser Hair Removal Device

$49.99 $124.99 saving $75.00

Its time to get those hairs off. If you use a blade for shaving your legs, stop now. Our powerful effective Portable wireless IPL flash laser hair removal tool is designed to remove and clean your pores for hair reduction or elimination. 

Why You Need A Flash laser hair removal device

  • This hair removal device effectively removes unwanted hairs and inhibits it from growing with continuous use. 
  • Uses laser technology that emits rapid light pulses. The pulse works under the skin’s surface to target hairs at the root
  • Say goodbye to shaving and waxing your hair.
  • Start removing hair with ease, no razor burn and no ingrown hairs on shaved areas. 

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Our portable wireless IPL flash laser hair remover allows you to remove hair re-growth in just minutes like magic. Stay home and get your personal waxing with no pain and save time and money going to hair removal clinic laser treatments that keep you coming over and over.

Use this laser hair removal tool when you are home, traveling, at the beach or anytime you need a clean cut. 

How It Works 

Effective light energy from IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, which then turns to heat and destroys the hair cells. This causes hair regrowth to slow down significantly after each treatment. Visible results in just 3 weeks, and full results within 12 weeks of daily use.

Laser Hair Remover Device Benefits 

  • Visibly reduced hair after 2-3 months
  • Safe for use on face and body
  • Adjustable for your skin sensitivity
  • No ingrown hairs or skin irritation
  • Suitable for all but the darkest skin tones
  • Clinically proven safe and effective
  • 5+ year lifespan (300,000+ flashes)


Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

It can't get any better than this. Hair removal by IPL is far less painful than any other form of hair removal. The feeling can be described as a warm sensation on the skin with no cuts or bruisings. 

Power Type: Electric Laser Hair Remover 

  • Suitable for: Men and Women
  • Great gift 
  • Use: Legs, Underarm, face, body
  • Material: ABS
  • Item Type: Epilator
  • Size: 143*84*48mm
  • Model Number: A009
  • Feature1: 5 levels of light intensity
  • Feature 2: Quartz laser head
  • Feature 3: Safe and effective for most types of skin, Gentle, no nicks, painless
  • Use: Underarm, legs, bikini area, face, leg and body, chin, chest, back
  • Input: 100-240v Voltage ,50/60Hz
  • Pulse: 600000pcs
  • Wavelength: 475-1200
  • Hair removal area: 4J/cm

Epilator Flash Laser Hair Removal Device
Electric Epilator Flash Laser Hair Removal 
Epilator IPL Flash Laser Hair Removal Device
Epilator IPL 600000 Flash Laser Hair Removal Device
Electric Flash Laser Hair Removal
Electric Flash Laser Hair Remover
Electric Laser Hair Removal Tool

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