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Portable Foot Massage Mat & Shiatsu Reflexology Pad

$12.99 $16.99 saving $4.00
Portable Foot Massage Mat & Shiatsu Reflexology Pad

Portable Foot Massage Mat & Shiatsu Reflexology Pad

$12.99 $16.99 saving $4.00

This portable reflexology massage mat helps relieve foot fatigue and stress using Shiatsu pressure plate explosion pebbles. A single piece colorful foot and toe massage mat improves circulation tension relieve with cushion reflexology design.

You can combine colors together to make a platform or buy single units unlimited amounts of the same color. 

Use pads For Work, Gym, Travel, Vacation.

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Relieve stress and tension by resting your feet on this Mat under your desk at work, or find relief after exercises. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Reflexology Mat helps to stimulate blood circulation and revitalize your body from your feet and beyond. 
  • Portable and lightweight, take it with you anywhere
  • Relaxes aches and eases tired muscles.
  • Most common places to use your reflexology Mat; in your kitchen while washing dishes, under the desk at the office, bathroom while doing makeup or washing your face, in your living room watching t.v. 
  • Versatile, use in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, office
  • Durable, made of medical grade PVC material
  • Affordable, portable mats provides countless hours of relief whenever you need it. 
  • Interconnecting mats may be easily linked together to create a larger surface for you and others to use at the same time. 
  • Each foot reflexology Mat contains over 3,000 different size bumps to massage select points on your foot. 

Place the non-slip mat on a hard floor surface, not carpet, for maximum effectiveness.

Wear thin socks to reduce sensitivity upon first use. Begin by standing on the mat for 30 – 60 seconds per day. Gently shift your weight from foot to foot to stimulate different pressure points.

Use you foot mat up to 5 minutes per day for maximum benefits. Use it in the morning and evening before bed. 

Type: Foot Massage mat
Material: Adopts high-grade TPE
Size: 29 x 39 cm
Item Type: Foot Care Tool
Power Source: None Electric
Model Number: YOGA Massage Pad
Function: acupoint massage
Safe Material: non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly

Foot Massage Shiatsu Mat & Reflexology Pad
Foot Massage Shiatsu Mat 
Foot Massage Shiatsu Reflexology Pad
Foot Massage Shiatsu Reflexology Mat
Shiatsu Foot Massager & Reflexology Pad
Foot Massage Shiatsu & Reflexology Foot Pad


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Fast shipping for my Foot Massage Shiatsu Mat to Charlotte.


Excellent quality, the mat arrived whole. Well massages!


Foot Massage Shiatsu Mat comes as a single mat or you can get a combination of colors. I bought over 30 single mat and created a floor reflexology room in my house. I love this pads.


Foot Massage Shiatsu Mat


Foot Massage Shiatsu Mat