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Top 5 Best Foot Massagers And Spa Systems - 2019

Top 5 Best Foot Massagers And Spa Systems - 2019

Foot massager and home foot spa systems from OMyFeet.com are the most high-tech options out there today.

Choose between deep kneading, shiatsu or soothing natural vibrations, and adjust the strength and heat to suit your needs per system. These foot massager machines also use air pressure to apply gentle pressure to your feet, helping to relieve tension based on your needs. 

You will see our top 5 picks below! 


How To Select A Foot Massager That Fits: 


How Foot Massagers Work

The best Foot massagers employ a number of different modes and methods to soothe sore feet, including shiatsu massage, manual massage, air compression, water jets, and electric massage rollers you can use at home.

Some systems use a combination of these techniques, but shiatsu is considered to be most similar to a massage you’d receive from human hands due to the movement and pressure adjustments. Most massagers will also offer a variety of patterns and intensities to suit your personal preferences.


Why Foot Massage Heating

Most foot massagers use heating to increase effectiveness and relaxation through the process. Look for adjustable heat settings to make sure that the experience is comfortable in all seasons and temperatures.

If you choose a manual massager, then most skip the heating function, so be sure to evaluate whether the convenience of a portable massager is worth losing heating power and meets your requirements based on functionality. 


Foot Massager Controls & Directions

As technology advances, some foot massagers come with a remote control to adjust settings, while many only have a control pad mounted to the machine.

This means you’ll need to lean forward to adjust the speed and intensity manually which in turn interrupts your massage session.

See our top 5 picks for best foot massagers and foot spa systems for 2019:


1. Shiatsu Foot Massager Heated Machine


Multifunction foot heating massager warmer with vibrating shiatsu kneading acupoints therapy to use at home or when traveling. 

This Foot warmer massager uses Shiatsu massage technique that targets acupuncture points to help relieve pain and soreness on tired muscles.

In addition, this massager features a switchable heat function to warm your feet and improve overall circulation.

*Perfect pain relief and relaxation time. 


2. Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heated Bubbles


This foot spa massager has 4 rollers to help your feet relax after a long day. After a long days work back home, take off your shoes, and throw yourself into a soft sofa but still feel something is lacking?

Your body and brain are relieved but not your overworked feet. What you need this moment is our luxurious foot spa bath massager.

*Perfect for relaxation adjustment and soft feet. 


    3. Heated Leg & Calf Compression Massager

    OMF foot massager with heated air compression is leg massager that has 2x2 airbags inside with unique massage settings to simulate kneading and stroking, helps relieve fatigue & pain and improves circulation, offers a relaxing and sequential massage from lower to upper.

    Besides, the massage lasts for 15 mins once, which ensures the user's safety and prevent damage to the rolling foot massage. And with timing function, you can set the period of working from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

    *Perfect for tension relief and fatigue.


    4. Heated Foot Massager & Infrared Acupuncture Machine

    OMF Massager: Shiatsu foot massage for tired feet with heat therapy features an easily adjustable optimum angle comfort bar.

    Infrared acupuncture foot massager with vibrating relaxation heat therapy. This OMyFeet Shiatsu and Acupuncture Foot Massager features a total of 8 innovative mini massaging balls with full 360-degree rotation. 

    *Perfect for tired and aching feet.


    5. Wireless Portable Foot Massager EMS


    OMF wireless foot vibrator with muscle stimulator that massages your feet while you are sitting or standing. This is the perfect tool to have at work under the desk for a little "pep" me up time.

    Foot massager ABS Physiotherapy comes a USB Rechargeable cord for travel.

    *Perfect for circulation stimulation. 



    Now that you have choices, you can make the right decisions on the type of foot massage that will help achieve your home or office relaxation time. If you happen to have questions or need help selecting the right foot massager, please let us know by OMyFeet.com Contact Customer Service.