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Stop! The High Heel Pain Madness

Stop! The High Heel Pain Madness

High heel shoes are on of the favorite outing footwear worn by most women, but there is a down side to this  exquisite footwear; they can cause discomfort or even damage to your feet.

To solve this problem, there are a few things you can do. 


1. Get Heel Insoles.

OMyFeet has some great OMF insoles and inserts from Gel to Memory Foam that help with foot fatigue and pain. Don’t buy heels and wait for the pain, get your Heels plus inserts so you’re ready for a fabulous filled day or night out with friends.

Discover high heel insoles to improve your shoe comfort. 


2. Treat Any Open Blisters.

Any open wounds need immediate attention: Whip out the Neosporin and disinfect before sealing it up with a Band-Aid. And please, please resist the temptation to pop any blisters that haven't ran their course already.

That gnarly bubble is actually the body's way of producing a natural bandage to keep the skin underneath clean. Don’t pop it!

Find unique bandages and band-aids to help with your Foot. 

3. Soak Your Feet or Use a Home spa.

Fill a home spa massage spa with some hot water, and let those toes sit in there for a while. Add a few drops of essential oils for an extra medicinal boost. Peppermint, marjoram, and basil are all known for their alleviating ingredients.

Maybe a glass of wine or two will aide as well – 21 and over people!


4. Use over-the counter Pain meds  or compression socks. 

We can't help but sing the praises of nature's aspirin since it really is a cure-all. In this case, purchase a cream for a more direct effect and apply to your feet then cover with your comfy compression socks



5. Wait or Use simple comfy open toe slippers 

Patience is really the most challenging part of this whole process since you probably have places to be and fabulous shoes to wear. But you're only going to create more problems if you jump the gun, so take it easy (and keep your shoes off as much as possible) until most of the wounds have healed and you're no longer feeling foot pain.

Wear this comfy OMF open toes slippers instead, when going through this period and stay fabulous! 


6. Stretch or Get Heel Support Insoles 

But tired, throbbing feet might not be the result of being on your feet for too long. Support might be the issue. If your feet still ache after you use comfort insoles, try a pair of support insoles. Heel support insoles are made of harder materials that reinforce stability and structure.

Those who have issues with pronation, plantar fasciitis and the like can find major relief in support insoles. Find heel support insoles and feel the difference. 



To prevent your feet from getting uncomfortable when you wear high heels, you should try these products for the best insoles, shoe pads and arch support: High heel insoles, forefoot inserts, heel support pad. Love your shoes again and stop the heel pain madness before it consumes your feet. Start getting relief for your feet today. Discover amazing foot products that will help you ease the pain.