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How Frequently Should I Replace My Shoe Insoles?

How Frequently Should I Replace My Shoe Insoles?

You love your shoes so much, but the comfort level is gone! Do I get raid of my shoe or buy an insole?


What is the Function of insoles?

Shoe insoles are mainly used to improve the fit of shoes and are sometimes useful to keep shoes fresh as they can occasionally be taken out and cleaned or replaced when needed.

Today, insoles can be cut-to-fit measurements by length and width of either the foot or insole at the widest point. A shoe insole is the top layer of the sole and keeps your feet from environmental shock.


Do I really need shoe insoles?

Buying or replacing your shoe insoles depends on your activities and how long you'll like your favorite shoe to last. Mind you that your shoe insoles will most likely wear-out before your beautiful shoes do and you may need to replace them every few months.

Rather than spending $$$ on new shoes every month, simply replace your insoles and bring your shoe back to life while also solving your foot pain and back pain issues. 

Insoles address more than your bad shoes, you'll actually be getting a break from pain and fatigue caused by bad shoe insoles. . 

The answer is no. You can get a replacement shoe insoles. Top notch high quality insoles last between 6-9 month for moderate users and 3-6 months for people who are constantly on their feet. 

Primary reasons for shoe insoles replacement:

  • Feet sole discomfort

Your manufactured shoe insoles is simply not comfortable for your foot structure. Everyone has different foot structures and shoe companies do not follow a foot structure chart to create specific insoles for different people. 

  • Arch support 

Protecting your middle foot area can help with stress relief. This is your arch area and sometimes, depending on your foot structure, it can be painful when you wear the wrong shoes. 

  • Dated insoles

Your present shoes insoles are old or worn out. 

  • Back pain when walking or running

Unbalanced shoe insoles that cannot balance your foot structure will give you persistent back pain that will continue when walking or running. 

  • Body weight 

If you are overweight, chances are you will need to replace your shoes insoles regular in order to feel comfortable. Know when to change them and keep you pain levels down. 


Shoe Insoles and Orthotic Arch Support serve a different purpose.

Know what you need to solve and pick the right insoles and inserts for your feet. Depending on what you want here are a few breakdowns on how to choose the best insoles for better comfort. 


Shoe insoles comparison

These insoles have a shorter lifespan compared to insoles made of foam, gel, and/or a fabric top notch cloth. You will also find, some brands have overall longer lives than others because they are made with different quality materials that react unique to the individual.

Branded insoles versus no label brands that may not stand up to common quality tests in attempts to provide low-cost malfunctioned products.


User Comparison 

Insoles will differ in duration based on weight and the amount of time spent standing can be huge contributing factor on how long insoles will last. Performing activities such as jogging, running marathons, or walking frequently can affect the lifespan of your insoles, we usually recommend replacing every 3-6 months. 


Deciding on which insole to get

Think about it this way; Why do I need insoles, how often will I use them, should I get new shoes. In most cases the shoes you have are fine but need a tuneup or upgrade internally.

You can choose from the following types of insoles, inserts and shoe pads:











Know your foot problem and solve it today!

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