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Every Step - Foot Massage Insoles For Pain Relief

Every Step - Foot Massage Insoles For Pain Relief

How would you like to receive a free foot massage with every step you take when you want it?

That is now entirely possible with OMyFeet Magnetic insoles, and much more! These incredible insoles are intended not just to relieve foot fatigue, sooth achy feet, fight foot odor but actually to heal your body from the inside out.

This Magnetic acupressure Therapy Massage Insoles targets those areas where critical blood vessels and muscle fibers are found to promote better blood flow through magnetism and soothe muscles by massaging your feet.

This foot massage insoles are all you need to achieve painless walking or running.

OMyFeet combines ancient wisdom with the latest technology to massage critical areas of your feet which promote health, improve blood circulation, relieve back pain, lower stress, and naturally boost endurance.

Each insole makes use of 400 acupoints that are carefully designed to massage critical areas of your feet. Besides, the insoles use 5 cooling magnets that help balance your body while you are in motion.

Let's face it, in today's times of need to be here or there and gotta get home to prepare, we just have limited time. OMyFeet customers take this insoles with them to work, gym, travel etc.

Why you need Acupressure Insoles:

  • Perfect for both men and women.
  • To have massage while you walk or stand on.
  • To provide foot care and pain relief for your feet.
  •  Breathable sweat absorbent insoles.
  • To eliminate foot odors and spread heat on feet.
  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Shoe Gel Insoles Magnetic Massage.
  • Foot Health Care Pain Therapy Magnetic Insoles.
  • Massage can strengthen health and resist sickness,Gel material, shock absorption and comfortable, clean and ventilate.
  • Material: Fiber + Medical Silicone Gel.Separate sweat and deodorize, wash and use free

Simply place the insoles in your shoes and let the tingling sensation of massaging begin. When you're done simply remove and know your body is refreshed. You can also see a wide variety of comfort insoles and foot care products to keep your feet happy!